VARIOUS ARTISTS “Brown Acid The Fifth Trip”

“Brown Acid The Fifth Trip”
(Riding Easy Records)

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I was born in 1970. Yeah, I know. I am as old as time itself. But being raised in the 70s meant that I was subjected to a lot of cool stuff on the radio. A lot of crap too but that has thankfully not stuck. So whenever I hear stuff from the 70s I get all cozy and warm. This compilation series from Riding Easy Records collects rare stuff from the 60s and 70s that you might not have heard before. I know that I haven’t. This fifth installment spans 68 – 77 divided on ten tracks and ten bands. What strikes me the most is that this stuff doesn’t sound ancient in any way. Most of it could have been recorded today. This is a really cool collection of stuff that I hear for the first time. Anders Ekdahl

1. Captain Foam – No Reason Canton, Ohio 1968 Bold Records
2. George Brigman and Split – Blowin’ Smoke Baltimore, Maryland 1977 Solid Records
3. Finch – Nothing In The Sun Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1968 Montage
4. Clockwork – Cybernaut Quebec, Canada 1974 Sonogram
5. Fargo – Abaddon Oak Cliff, Texas 1969 Algernon
6. Mammoth – Mammoth San Antonio, Texas 1970 United World Records
7. Flasher – Icky Bicky Vancouver, British Columbia 1976 Criminal Records
8. Lance – Fireball Fremont, Ohio 1977 Owl
9. Zebra – Helter Skelter Hollywood, California 1971 Miramar
10. Thor – Lick It Huntsville, Alabama 1977 Stars and Bars

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