VARIOUS “Hell Comes Home Vol 1”

(Hell Comes Home)
Don’t know what to make of this. This is a box of goodies (or so I’m told) that collects 12 seven inch singles from various artists. And they seem to be all split 7”’s too which means 24 artists to keep track of. And most seem to move in the death/doom field too while the rest move in very different circles. Not being familiar with any of the artists this might be my worst nightmare or it will give me nightmares because I’m too late in purchasing the box. Any which way I’ll have to dig in. Having listened through all 24 artist’s songs I can say that this is a very eclectic collection of songs from a very eclectic bunch of artist, of whom I had not heard of before. Some are better than others but none really stood out more than the other. All I can say is that this is one collection that I wouldn’t mind owing but I guess it is already sold out. But do try to look for it. It is worth the hunt. Anders Ekdahl

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