VEHEMENTOR “Dungeons Of Grotesque Symmetry”

“Dungeons Of Grotesque Symmetry”
(Satanath Records)

Battle Helm Rating

VEHEMENTOR… taste that name. It gives you s taste of blood in your mouth just from saying it. The music better match that taste or else it is a total waste of a really good extreme metal band name. VEHEMENTOR, every time I say it the taste of blood comes back. A band from Macedonia is not common goods in my reviews. I love discovering new scenes and getting to know the bands better. With a name like VEHEMENTOR I kinda expected this to be a bit more brutal than it is. Instead of a full death metal blast we get a sort of deathrash. There is a groove to this that I fancy. It is easy to bop your head to this. And those neck muscles need exercise. A nice acquaintance. Anders Ekdahl

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