Vektor – “Black Future”

Vektor – “Black Future” REISSUE (Earache Records)

Gotta admit, when I first saw the cover to “Black Future” I actually thought it was something from Voi Vod, but it is in fact a re-issue of Vektor’s 2009 debut on Heavy Artillery Records. Still, the Voi Vod comparisons are valid given some of the experimental breaks that Vektor undertake – fueled by classic post-apocalyptic films like ‘THX 1138’ and ‘Blade Runner’ – amidst their Teutonic inspired 80s thrash! Throat strained, spat vocals and even more shredding guitar played at break neck speed with dull, thudding drums courtesy of biscuit tin production immediately bring to my mind Kreator’s “Endless Pain”. Yet, some of the melodies are reminiscent of early Rush whilst the dual solos are almost Scandinavian so clearly there’s a lot more to this young Arizonian band whose name was inspired by a biology class. The other thing that’s noteworthy is that despite their obvious speed the actual length of the songs is pretty long (well at least by thrash stakes) which when coupled with the occasional use of space age sounds take Vektor well beyond your run of the mill garden thrashers to space galloping speedsters!

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