Vektor – “Terminal Redux”


Vektor – “Terminal Redux” (Earache Records)

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Probably one of the best underground techno prog thrash bands around, its been five years since we last heard from Vektor and despite an album title of returning to the end, the progression is clear right from the opener of ‘Charging The Void! While founder guitarist /vocalist David DiSanto’s blackish screaming is very much recognizable, as is his dexterous, virtuosic fret board burning along fellow shredder Erik Nelson, its the addition of some femme hippy harmony vocals here and there that might have some eyebrows raising. It’s only on a coupla tracks mind, but the presence of these Philly soul singers definitely adds a far out contrast to the hyper speed frencity of Vektor’s thrash no better defined than on ‘Psychotropia’! Additionally, on the ethereal ‘Collapse’ that groove is taken a step further with DiSanto actually singing in a low but rougher style for the majority of the song before the chopping rhythm of Blake Anderson’s blurring drums and the relentless classic scaling come into being once again, which definitely defines how 90% of this 3rd album sounds. That said, the remainder does indeed add a fuller and wider range to the material which is befitting of this album, as it is a concept based on the life of an isolation test subject and his rise to power within the all controlling Cygnus Regime. As such the arrangements, music and lyrics reflect the overall story line and the ensuing atmosphere definitely works in creating an epic space age vibe, especially if you listen to the album from front to back like I did! Despite being ambitious in scope, “Terminal Redux” succeeds and does so in fine style, appealing equally to older followers as well as new fans preparing to be awed.

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