VELO MISERE “Genealogía Del Eterno Desasosiego”

“Genealogía Del Eterno Desasosiego”
(Humanity’s Plague Productions)

Battle Helm Rating

I am of the conviction that there is no bad metal, just bad songs. With that in mind I love everything that has anything to do with metal. I have no particular fave metal genre. Everything is down to if the songs are good or not. And VELO MISERE have a bunch of good songs on this “Genealogía Del Eterno Desasosiego” release. Hell, there are just four tracks on this so it would be a shame if any of them were bad. Musically this is murky, dark and mysterious black metal. You really have to concentrate when you listen to this otherwise it just ends up being back ground noise. But if you listen carefully you will hear cool nuances in the music. And that is what makes these tracks good. They are not just there to be. The fill a purpose. This is one style of black metal that I like. Anders Ekdahl

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