Velvet Six – “Demons Los Divas”


Velvet Six – “Demons Los Divas” (Inverse Records)

On a dark and stormy night in the Finnish town of Kokkola, vocalist Olle Wallenius and drummer Henrik Björkgård came to a decision amidst the flowing nightlife to take in all the surrounding love and death in forming Velvet Six. Building a band combining dark, nihilistic trash rock n roll with goth and rock metal, this complex stylistic combination has been nothing short of a hit which has now seen them move onto this second album, which is much heavier and darker than their debut “Dark City Nightlife”. It’s all present in songs like ‘Blood Rain’, ‘Loves Like’ and ‘I Saw’, where Wallenius’s suave rock baritone vocals set the passionate tone for Velvet Six’s emotional melodies that take you through the deep themes – and feelings – of the incredible power of love, its transition to death, and beyond…..Yet despite all this the band’s true talent lies in captivating you with an accessible and uptempo sound that isn’t slow or morbid, but actually inspirational instead with its energy and dance beats, many of which come from Miro Kronqvist’s keyboards, in celebrating the inevitability of death – so why gripe ha ha! “Demons Los Divas” was a pleasant surprise indeed, where the best sounds of Theater Of Tragedy, The 69 Eyes and even the brashness of Billy Idol can be heard on this very cool and almost artistic rock metal album that is sure to see Velvet Six go even farther.

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