VENDETTA “Feed The Extermination”

“Feed The Extermination”
I owned an album by Vendetta back in the 80s/90s. I didn’t care too much for it so I sold it. Now it is 2011and Vendetta are back with a new album. Has age improved my taste or will Vendetta leave me with the same bland impression? I remember them to be middle-of-the-road and pretty bland. “Feed The Extermination” is pretty much classic thrash metal but not the classic German thrash metal I would have liked it to be. Well, you can’t get everything can you? Apart from that I kinda like this album. Actually, I like it more than I expected to do. There’s a very basic thrash metal feel to it. No fancy grand melodies, just plain aggression. It’s like being hammered to a pulp by a big angry guy. I gotta track down those old Vendetta albums just to compare them to this one because this is so much better than I remember. Anders Ekdahl

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