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Battle Helm Rating

I never really cared too much about VENDETTA back in the 80s. sure, they were a Teutonic thrash metal band but they weren’t Destruction, Sodom or Kreator. They weren’t even Deathrow, Darkness or Assassin. I just never really got the taste for them. So when they broke up in 1990 it went by me totally unnoticed. And when they reformed in 2002 it also passed me by. Which explains why this album from 2007 is one that I had no idea existed. But as I listen to this today I realize that this ain’t too bad. Actually, it is really good. Which makes me wonder if I did the right thing ignoring them from the beginning. But things done in the past can’t be changed. So I rather focus on the now instead of the past. And this reissue is as a good a place as any. Anders Ekdahl

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