VENOM ”Assault”


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I remember when it was a happening whenever VENOM released something new, even though it was just an EP of sorts. VENOM is one of the most important bands in my music history. Without them I would not be listening to the stuff that I am listening to today. I remember when VENOM released the Assault Eps and how an adventure it was to get my hands on the “Canadian Assault” EP. You gotta remember that this was back in the 80s, way before anybody knew of the internet or any social medias. You heard of these kinda things by word of mouth, read about it in magazines/fanzines or just from tape trading. More often than not you heard of stuff like this way too late and after it had sold out. So for me to get my hands on a copy of the “Canadian Assault” was like x-mas come early. It didn’t really matter that the EP didn’t offer that much in the way of new stuff. Just owning it was enough. I never really bothered to look for all the other Assault Eps because the Canadian one was the one to own but I was well aware of them. The reissue of all six Eps is a most welcomed addition to any VENOM fan’s collection. And now with two VENOMs out there you got a bit of both with this collection. Anders Ekdahl

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