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You can say whatever you like about the fact that there are two VENOM operating simultaneously. As somebody that has been there since the very first Venom album “Welcome To Hell” and through all the different incarnations I gotta say that two is better than none. You can always debate which one is the true VENOM, if it is the one with Cronos and his buddies or the one with Mantas and Abaddon. I know where I stand on that matter. “Avé” is really an album I never thought would be made. When VENOM INC first emerged I thought that they would just be a live band playing old VENOM songs but apparently it was too much fun not to do a full album with Demolition Man again. And this is another classic VENOM line-up, not some random dude that walked in from the street to fill the bass/vocalist slot. So what does this album sound like? I gotta admit that I was blown away by the video that was published prior to this album’s release. That was one massive piece of metal. With a production like I had never heard before on any VENOM album. And with a bite to the guitar that can cut through steel. But the fact is that this do still sound like classic VENOM. It won’t revolutionize the VENOM sound, it will not reinvent the wheel or anything. But is bloody nice to hear another VENOM album, even though with the added INC too it. Anders Ekdahl

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