VENOM ”The Singles”

”The Singles”
(Dissonance Records)

Battle Helm Rating

To me VENOM has always been an album band. And when they did release singles they were always, well almost always, an A-side band. Or so it felt back in the 80s. But the truth is that VENOM did release some really cool 12” back in the days. And here we get them collected on one record. How cool is that? This is not just a blast from the past. This is also a reminder of how cool VENOM were back in the days and how influential they were. This is still the stuff I listen to today. I was basically laughed at back in the 80s when I started to listen to VENOM but now it is I that laughs. This is stuff that never gets old. So just leave me alone and let me continue listen to this perfect collection. Anders Ekdahl

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