Venomous Maximus – “Beg Upon The Light”

Venomous Maximus – “Beg Upon The Light” (Napalm Records)

If you’re a big fan of occult rock then Venomous Maximus are just the trip for you. Hailing from Houston TX, these guys mix the proto doom style of Pentagram with the likes of Witchfynde using an upgraded conventional sound. From Gregg Higgins’s low, tripped out vocals to the crunching guitars of Christian Larson and the hard pounding rhythms of Trevi Biles and Bongo (guess he’s the drummer lol – Ed), Venomous Maximus have a distinct 70s sound based on the power of the almighty riff. And they’ve got it bunches, along with meth fueled solos and trans dimensional melodies. Although unknown from their previous bands, these guys have been kicking around for a few years and it’s translated in songs like ‘Funeral Queen’, ‘Moonchild’ and ‘Hell’s Heroes’, all of which have a rich, powerful sound that combines the best of stoner, doom and occult into one fireball of a package!

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