Versus You – “Moving On”


Versus You – “Moving On” (Bomber Music)

Hailing out of the tax haven fiefdom of Luxembourg, I’m not sure if Versus You are occupational bankers but they certainly play an uplifting brand of punk pop, actually reminiscent of early 90s bands like NOFX, Rancid and Blink 182. A foursome fronted by long time friend founders Eric Rosenfeld (vocals) and Giordano Bruno (bass), their touch of Lars Frederiksen gruff meets soulful vocal harmonies amid a catchy punk pop backdrop with a hint of teen sadness is just enough to reach into the hearts of their city state’s privileged youth on socially conscious songs like ‘Be Better Than Me’, ‘When It All Goes Down’ and ‘You Are My Friend’. This 4th album coincides with their 10th anniversary, during which time they’ve enjoyed the success of two tours through Russia and Eastern Europe, as well as endless touring through Western Europe, not to mention chart success in Luxembourg itself. Certainly well played with their energetic riffs and drumming but most of all the same passion, Versus You brought back all my memories from 20 years ago of gigs, guitars, girlfriends and in no small part the great music scene that I had the honor of being part of – job well done I’d say to Versus You.

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