VESEN “This Time It Is Personal”

“This Time It is Personal”
(Soul Seller)
I wonder how many Norwegian black metal band you can fit into one Volkswagen. They seem to be everywhere and there’s no escaping them either. Vesen made me think of Dödheimsgard just by looking at the cover. That was before I got to hear the music. That made me thing of Vondur. I honestly don’t know what to think of this. I get Necropolis Records vibes when I listen to this. This could very well have been released by that label in the 90s. I also get Mysticum/Implaed Nazarene vibes when I listen to this. For some strange (well not so strange really) reason I like this. There is a vibe to the music that makes it hard not to like it. In all its simplicity this is brilliant. I’m glad that I got to hear this. Anders Ekdahl

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