VEXILLUM “The Bivouac”

“The Bivouac”
(Limb Music)
There used to be a time when Limb Music where quite cutting edge, when they had bands like Rhapsody that felt fresh. Can’t say that I’ve felt like that for the label over the last 5-10 years. But I gotta hand it to them for sticking by with what they started with. Vexillum is another progressive Italian metal band. And given the standard of all other Italian progressive metal bands you can never get too many of that kind. Vexillum is another fine example of why progressive metal can be so good. If you love metal that is musical and done with the inside of the brain instead of from the gut then you might as well check out Vexillum. The weakest point is usually the vocalist. I’m not too fond of the lighter side of voice the singer has. But when he doesn’t try the high notes he fits well into the sound picture. Leave the operatic to the opera singers. That minor complaint aside this is another Italian progressive metal album to add to the collection. Anders Ekdahl

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