Vicious Rumors – “LIVE You To Death”

Vicious Rumors – “LIVE You To Death” (Steamhammer / SPV)

Vicious Rumors are another legendary Bay Area metal band that take us right back to the halcyon days of thrash with bands like Testament, Death Angel and Forbidden. Yet despite coming from thrash central, only a hint of this would rub off into Vicious Rumors music, which for the main was blistering power metal a la Judas Priest to the max! Screaming vocals, turbo charged twin guitars, wailing solos and rapid fire drum work are the nature of ‘Soldiers Of The Night’, ‘Let The Garden Burn’ and ‘Abandoned’ – all in all 9 tracks spanning the band’s 10 year discography. Additionally, the band also offer a coupla covers, the best being classic Priest’s ‘Running Wild’. Despite their 33 year duration, the band never broke big owing to I suspect an ever revolving door of line-up changes as well as the sad demise of vocalist Carl Albert in the mid 90s. But make no mistake, the sheer roster of people playing in this band at one time or another (try Vinnie Moore, Brad Gillis and James Rivera to name but a few!) speaks bounds about this band whose cult status has never waned and continue to remain an underground favorite!

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