I am a man of many layers. I have a hard time to leave one thing to start anew on something other. Instead I store the old somewhere in my mind and then make room for something new. It might explain why I like all kinds of hardrock and metal and don’t really have one band that I stick to. It also makes for a curious mind (but a very thin wallet). I want to know what the next thing sounds like. Hence my inquisitive need to know what VICOLO INFERNO sounds like. And sound they do. This is to my ears heavy metal with a melodic touch. The kind of metal that is up tempo and the kind that make you happy listening to it. It gets your heart pumping and your legs moving. Pretty much like early Skidrow did with tracks like “18 and Life” and all the other hits from that first album. There is life ready to take on the world in these songs. If this doesn’t make you happy and your heart racing then you are a born skeptic. Anders Ekdahl

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