VICTIM OF CREATIONS “Symmetry Of Our Plagued Existence”

“Symmetry Of Our Plagued Existence”
(Cyclone Empire)
Malta might not be the greatest place to be a metal band. But being surrounded by loads of tourists that just want to exploit you might just be the right environment to be a metal band. What a source of inspiration that must be. You get to see the worst sides of human behaviour. For a band formed in 1992 they sure have taken their time to release a debut album. But what an album it is. This is death doom or is it the other way around? This is slow like syrup on a cold winter’s day. Dragging its feet along you can almost see death coming to take you away. You can run but you can’t escape. This is the kind of doom that will catch up to you no matter what you do. So why not surrender right now. You know that it is an inevitability. Anders Ekdahl

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