Victor Griffin’s In-Graved – “Victor Griffin’s In-Graved”

Victor Griffin’s In-Graved – “Victor Griffin’s In-Graved” (Svart Records)

The name Victor Griffin is synonymous with US doom metal, being Bobby Liebling’s right hand man in Pentagram as well as his own band in Place Of Skulls. Now comes In-Graved where he is joined by another legend: Jeff ‘Oly’ Olson – Trouble’s OG drummer – as well as an impressive array of guests including Ron Holzner (Trouble), Guy Pinhas (The Obsessed, Goatsnake) and Pete Campbell (Place Of Skulls), among others! Despite the obvious doom connotations, and Griffin’s own trademark proto doom guitar sound, In-Graved is actually more of a 70s heavy rock band owing as much to the likes of Steppenwolf and Zepp with dashes of the blues, psychedelia and even funk on songs like ‘Love Song For The Dying’, ‘Fading Flower’ – not to mention the rock n roll of ‘Never Surrender’. Rather than being dark and doom laden the material, whilst being heavy, is more uplifting than what I’d commonly associate with Griffin, whilst Olson – now driving a Hammond organ rather than a drum kit – adds his own retro groove into the mix! The vocals are clean and despite being high end 70s rock, Griffin refrains from heading into weirdo wailing Ozzy territory which is refreshing in both its tone and the resurrection of a classic rock sound.

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