VICTORIA K “Essentia”

(Rockshots Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I’ve done the interview. Now it is time for the review. I must say that I have been looking forward to hearing this album ever since I did the interview, for a whole bunch of reasons. Mainly because the small snippets I have heard has promised that this is gonna blow my mind away. And here it is. In all fairness I gotta say that my expectations have been met and more. This is a fantastic as I thought it would be. Musically this has leanings towards the symphonic and gothic metal kind. Just as I thought. The first time I got in touch with VICTORIA K I thought that it was gonna be sugary and overly melodic, but she proved me wrong. And that is something I am glad for. This album is one that needs to be played loudly on a really good sound system to get the real magnificent of it. Sure, it works well listening to this on a computer too as I am doing right now. A really cool album that will be with me for a long time now. Anders Ekdahl

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