Victorians Aristocrats’ Symphony – “Revival”

Victorians Aristocrats’ Symphony – “Revival” (

VAS are a new femme operatic goth metal band hailing from Poland steeped in majestic splendor emanating from their 100 year ancestral heritage going back to the Victorian era! With aristocratic wit and bravado they now give us mortals the chance to glimpse into the inner sanctum of their ‘V-Lodge’. Classical orchestrations incorporating violins and delicate tantalizing melodies belie a feisty confidence and passionate power behind songs like ‘Who Never Loved’, ‘Servants Of Beauty’ and ‘Don’t Let Them Cut My Wings’. Exuding superb musicianship throughout – not in the least the wailing operatic vocals of the delectable Eydis – VAS are up there with the likes of Nightwish and Within Temptation, bringing an exquisite style to match their aristocratic suaveness!

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