Victorius – “The Awakening”

Victorius – “The Awakening” (Sonic Attack / SPV)

Searing power metal from Saxony! Yep, Victorius are German and are the next generation of power metal bands to be churned out faster than Volkswagens ha ha. Despite their tender age, this is actually their second album, with their debut having to work its way across the world to Japan for a release before gaining some home grown recognition. One of the reasons might be that Victorius don’t have the traditional look of a power metal band (check out that eyeliner – Ed) and also upon closer inspection that they utilize a lot of modern metal and rock harmonies. As such, there may have been doubts as to where their true market lay although they seem to have something for everyone in my opinion. David Baßin has a fine youthful voice that ably complements the melodies of axemen Sebastian Rasch and Dirk Scharsich – not to mention their blitzing solos – backed by the blazing double bass rhythm on songs like ‘Kings Reborn’, ‘Lake Of Hope’ and ‘Starfire’. For such a young band the song writing is mature with plenty of catchy arrangements, Accept like wailing choruses and lots of uplifting energy so it may be time indeed for the rest of the world to awaken to the sound of Victorius!

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