“We Spread Diseases”
(Dangerous Rock Records)
This Swedish lot has a name that I’ve seen circulating all over the place. Never did I think that I’d get the chance to review their album. I get a punkish sleaze vibe from this band. If they can live up musically to my expectations we will be in for one hell of a ride. If not I’ll bury this album as far back as is possible in my record collection. In the 80s I used to like a Swedish band called Sator. They enjoyed some success abroad with their frantic stage antics and rather up-beat punk’n’roll. Much later came The Hellacopters and pretty much did the same thing as Sator. I get the same kind of vibes from VIETCONG PORNSURFERS. Think a more punkier Backyard Babies mixed with The Hellacopters and you get an idea of where VIETCONG PORNSURFERS land. Throw in some Misfits vibes too and you got yourself a party record to dance to. I like this kind of punkish hardrock (hard rock?). Anders Ekdahl

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