VIKINGORE “Wolves In The Battlefront”

“Wolves In The Battlefront”
I gotta admit that I do not understand the name of this band. What the hell is VIKINGORE? But I’ll give them the chance to prove themselves musically before I totally write them off. This could very well be one of the better releases of 2013 for all that I know. OK, so this gives me vibes of Amon Amarth. I love Amon Amarth’s foot stomping metal. This isn’t as good as that. But in its own right this isn’t too bad. There is a groove to this that I can follow. It’s is melodic enough for me to want to shout along with the lyrics. In all fairness I really don’t need much more than that to get going. So not the most original album to ever be released but who cares. Originality can at times be overrated. As long as the music gets my heart pumping I really don’t care what it sounds like. I’ll take a hundred Amon Amarth clones over one single avant garde metal band that sound like shit. Anders Ekdahl

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