Villa Rise – “Wastelands”

Villa Rise – “Wastelands” EP (Monarch Records)

Originally hailing from Sydney, Australia, this emo post hardcore band have taken quite a gamble by firstly relocating to the UK, and now releasing this EP for FREE! Thankfully, it’s not cos it’s crap but hopefully down to some canny marketing or genuine social consciousness – certainly vocalist Jarrod Martin roars like he’s the last man on earth, while guitarists Ben Clink and Brendon Farneli have achieved a harmonious duality in their contrasting styles of clanging metallic riffola and arpeggio melodies. Completing the circle of angst and isolation are bassist Kyle Usher and drummer Alex Wood, who could fit the EP’s tale of a young man who descends into madness, because of his inability to accept the positives in his life. Wonderful.

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