Vinterblot – “Nether Collapse”

Vinterblot – “Nether Collapse” (Rising Records)

Wow these guys sound just like Amon Amarth from those hoarse, gutteral vocals to the whirring Viking riffola and Nordic melody on songs like ‘Upon A Reign Of Ashes’, ‘Whispers To The Headless’, and ‘As Sleipnir Rides’ – hell, one of the guitarists is even called Fjorgynn. So bloody what I hear you ask? Well, Vinterblot are actually Italian! Indeed, that may not actually matter (nor should it – Ed) given the excellent quality of musicianship and songs on this debut produced by a collaboration of seasoned metallers, and to be fair, they do call themselves a pagan death band, so if you’re still confused about cultural heritage, ask yourself (or the European Union – Ed) the question: could a Swede sell primo pizza in Italy LOL.

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