Battle Helm Rating

I have on previous occasions spilt vile over splits. But not this time. From now on I will only take a positive stance on splits. This split between CLITERATI and VIOLATION WOUND (Chris Reifert) is a really cool one. Released on vinyl each band gets a side to themselves. Over five tracks CLITERATI bombast us with their take on Doom/L7/Bolt Thrower. This is a full on assault to the senses. If you like Discharge as much as I do you are gonna like this too. 5 tracks of total chaos. VIOLATION WOUND is more of the same full on Discharge infused mayhem. This is much more brutal stuff than the CLITERATI side. Perhaps with the added inclusion of a bit more metal. Punk metal anybody? This is some seriously angry stuff. I like both side if this split. You get two bands that are somewhat similar yet display two sides of the coin. Cool indeed. Anders Ekdahl

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