Violation Wound – “With Man In Charge”

Violation Wound – “With Man In Charge” (Peaceville Records) 

Battle Helm Rating

No stranger to the extreme given his other bands like Autopsy, Abscess and Painted Doll, Chris Reifert’s other abominable creation has to be his total punk out in the hideously named Violation Wound. Formed in a basement back in 2013 mixing violent punk rock with traces of metal and rock n roll, this tornado of a trio is made of bassist Joe Orterry and drummer Matt O’Connell, who join Reifert in his own shredding and cussing bark blast vocals. Together they make one cacophonous racket with all the instruments played to reckless levels of insanity, at times skirting close to being out of control, but somehow still miraculously keeping it just within tolerable limits on the 20 crazed tracks here. Equally, knowing the intelligence of Reifert there are very subtle melodies and hooks making the material, despite the violent noise, being highly catchy. From ‘State Of Alarm’ with its d-beat riffing, hammering beats and matching rhymes to the skanking SOD like ‘God’s Plan’ complete with double bass drumming and Reifert’s visceral drawls, the ominous and seething tone is set right up until the screaming OTT end. Moving to ‘Smoke And Flames’ with Orterry’s heavy bass twanging and churning aggro punk riffola, the contrast couldn’t be greater when Reifert comes in with some rock n roll breaks heh heh – well yeah, that’s the man f–kin with ya! With a tinny melodic tone reminiscent of The Undertones (on meth) on ‘Destroy The Factory’ almost taking the song into ‘alt’ realms, ‘Don’t Believe It’ is melodic hardcore (not counting Orterry’s weirded out bass runs) aside from its deafening volume and insane screams. A lesson in audio decimation, see your neighbours skinned alive on this one!

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