I’m very much of a pacifist. I hate violence and don’t really understand why people resort to using violence as a method of solving issues. So no, I’ve never had a VIOLENT EVE. I do like violence in my music though. There is nothing like being punched in the face by a really great song. VIOLENT EVE are with “Exile” on the second album. Not having heard the first one I can’t comment on the progress. All I can say is that this is thrash metal in the harder school. The testosterone filled kind that requires a lot of angry young men playing it. Sure there are some more somber and melodic interludes to balance out the heavy side but basically this is hard and heavy thrash metal. This is the kind of metal that creeps up on you. At first you are a bit reluctant. You don’t know what to make of it. Then all of a sudden, out of nowhere you find yourself digging along to the music like you’ve known each other forever. Anders Ekdahl

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