VIPER VENOM “In Venom Veritas”

“In Venom Veritas”
I really hope this doesn’t sting too badly. No, I take that back. I really hope this one stings like hell. Anything but being dull is appreciated. I’m not going to hope for this to be like a cross between the bands Viper and Venom because that I do not know if I want to hear. This Italian band might prove to be what the doctor ordered. Luckily the music is anything but a bad. This is heavy metal with a female voice that doesn’t try to bring forth vision of angels. I can’t help thinking of bands like NY’s Meanstreak or Wench or even PMS that too had that rough edge to their metal. Which is kinda strange because I thought I was the only one that remembered them today. And perhaps I am. Any which way this turned out to be just what the doctored ordered. Anders Ekdahl

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