VIRANESIR “Fountain Of Uncertainty”

“Fountain Of Uncertainty”
(Merdum Giriz)
I usually don’t go for soundtracks. Not unless they come with a movie. But I guess that there is an exception to every rule and perhaps VIRANESIR is my exception. With a run time short of 30 minutes this isn’t going to be a long, drawn-out process. I guess that I can sit through that. Don’t know what the film is about though. I find it hard to listen to a soundtrack and not seeing the film. You don’t really get the texture or context of the music when you don’t have the visual side of it too. But there is something claustrophobic to the music that leads me to believe that the film isn’t a love story but more of an existential exploration of the human soul/mind. I like the music and would like to see the film (with the soundtrack). Anders Ekdahl

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