VIRGINMARYS ”Sitting Ducks”

”Sitting Ducks”

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The UK has produced so many great rock acts over the decades that it is hard to keep track of them but once you start looking closer you realize that it has been a while since they were the leaders. Places like Sweden and the rest of Europe has since long passed and surpassed the UK in being a great hot spot. And while this EP from Macclesfield’s VIRGINMARYS started on a high not it soon went a bit soft. Not bad in any way but when there are bands out there that you get sweaty listening to you have to step it up royally for anybody to take notice. And if you are a UK band you have to step it up even more. Because then you got something even greater to live up to. And I’m sorry to say so but I have hear bands much better coming from France, Belgium, Italy, Sweden etc. so the competition is pretty stiff for the VIRGINMARYS. But there is hope for them because this EP shows that they do know how to rock with the best. But 4 tracks are not enough. I want a full album of full on rockers like “Through The Skies” and the opening, and title track “Sitting Ducks”. Anders Ekdahl

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