VIRUS ”A New Strain Of An Old Disease”

”A New Strain Of An Old Disease”
(Killer Metal)
VIRUS had a hype going for them in the 80s but somehow it all imploded and the band fell into tomb of the forgotten. But better late than never. VIRUS is back with a new album. I only remember one album from the 80s and that one is not even in my collection anymore. That much of an impression did they leave me with. So will they be able to impress me this time around? I gotta say that if this is what they sounded like back in the 80s I have no idea why I got rid of that album I owned by them. This is heavy and really aggressive in a manner I did not expect. This thrashes like there is no tomorrow. Few younger bands would be able to keep up with this lot when it comes to sounding pissed off. Now I gotta track down those old albums too. Anders Ekdahl

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