Visigoth – “Bells Of Awakening”

Visigoth – “Bells Of Awakening” Single (Metal Blade Records)
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Be still my beating heart – if Visigoth’s sophomore last year didn’t fill me with red blooded passion in search of a noble quest, then good sirs, this humble but most braven offering certainly does! Released to satiate the ravenous European hoards on the eve of their tour there, Visigoth’s epic heavy metal has been capturing knightly hearts and enamouring many a lady since they began close to a decade ago. This single may only have 2 tracks but it doesn’t lack whatsoever in conveying the incredible passion and spirit inherent in the band’s music. If you are after prancing ponies then look elsewhere, for this is true metal forged from iron riff power, saintly vocals and thundering hoof beats all in search of glory! As ‘Abysswalker’ kicks off you’ll know just what I mean as Jake Rogers leads the rally of heavy riffs and pounding drums yet tempered so skilfully by his soulful vocals singing ‘…angels fire fill my raging heart as I charge into the endless night..’ before the harmonious chorus and twin melodic guitar solos from Leeland Campana and Jamison Palmer hit home unto your heart. Indeed, even more impassioned is ‘Fireseeker’ as Rogers stirring voice complements the heavy riffs laced with tender guitar melodies as the majestic track alternates in tempos, be it galloping at times while elsewhere slower to allow the music to generously soak into your soul. “Bells Of Awakening” is pure heavy metal bliss and a great foreshadow of even bigger things to come!
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