Visigoth – “Conqueror’s Oath”

Visigoth – “Conqueror’s Oath” (Metal Blade Records) 

Battle Helm Rating

If you like epic US heavy metal rooted in the 80s drawn from the likes of Manilla Road, Cirith Ungol and very early Manowar, then this new album from Visigoth will go down a treat with you! Taking inspiration from their namesake tribesmen who invaded the Roman Empire, Visigoth play warrior metal with a traditional no effects guitar sound oozing glorious battle hymn riffs, backed by gargantuan macho choruses and led by the red blooded soulful vocals of Jake Rogers. In the main mid tempo, although prone to speedier gallops but equally slower melancholic moments, the material perfectly captures the mood and epic greatness exuding atmospherically throughout “Conqueror’s Oath”.Visigoth’s 2nd album since their 2015 debut, its pretty clear listening to the 8 tracks here that there’s been a huge leap in every aspect from songwriting to musicianship and that’s what makes this sophomore such an amazing release. Equally, the songs this time round are somewhat shorter, although no less lacking in quality and indeed seem more concentrated with epic ferocity squeezed into every space imaginable.From ‘Hammerforged’with its thundering drums, stirring melodies and Rogers passionate vocals taking you into chest beating glory to ‘Blades In The Night’ with its fast melodic fretboard work and soaring vocal melodies racing along like Riot – not to mention that burning solo – Visigoth have proven through this album that they are ready for their next big step. Even when the band take it off the mark into hard rock territory on’Salt City’ the catchy melodies and outstanding frenzied guitar solo simply had me headbanging with both horns up ha ha. So hail to Visigoth, warriors of metal!

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