Vision Divine – “Destination Set For Nowhere”

Vision Divine – “Destination Set For Nowhere” (earMusic)

Like Ferrari, Italian modern prog metal band Vision Divine bring together a number of talents steeped in richness and grandeur! Formed in the late 90s by ex Labyrinth guitarist Olaf Thörsen, he was soon joined by Rhapsody vocalist Fabio Lione although the ability to commit to this band as well as their other projects soon presented problems resulting in the inevitable line up changes, although Vision Divine continued nonetheless. However, in 2008 he rejoined the band and with “Destination Set For Nowhere”- the band’s eight album no less – has brought his vocal splendor to the majesty that is Vision Divine! Listening to the likes of ‘The Lighthouse’, ‘Beyond The Sun And Far Away’ and ‘Mermaids From Their Moons’ Lione certainly brings an epic proportion to these songs, which in some cases are up tempo, although not quite pure power metal. For the most part, the material is highly atmospheric and in no small part thanks to Thörsen’s superb guitar work and Alessio Lucatti’s amazing keyboards, which remind me a lot of Marillion. Together, they do true justice to the album’s concept of brave souls leaving Earth in search of a new Eden by steeping their vision in mystique, majesty and magnificence!

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