VISIONOIR “The Waving Flame Of Oblivion”

“The Waving Flame Of Oblivion”

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VISINOIR is an Italian one-man vision. If you like your music progressive, gothic and spacy you this might very well be the one for you. And since I do like all of the above I have kinda high hopes for this album. If you like your music instrumental then this is an album to keep an ear out for. I have been sitting here listening to it and I gotta tell you that it is a really cool journey this one has taken me on. I love to travel in my head. It is a safe way to travel and it helps keeping your imagination alive. There is a really spacy atmosphere to this that I like. This wasn’t really what I expected but that doesn’t matter too much as this still turned out to be a really cool trip. Anders Ekdahl

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