Visions Of Atlantis – “Ethera”

Visions Of Atlantis – “Ethera” (Napalm Records)

With the death of original vocalist Nicole Bogner only last year, VOA are still going through the pangs of replacing such a presence who effectively defined their sound. Still, new(ish) vocalist Maxi Nil has definitely made her mark on this now second album featuring her femme style. I guess the principal difference is that Maxi’s vocals are more rock than classical, not to mention a hint of the goth. As such VOA’s music reflects this and has shifted their medium out’ve symphonic metal into the rock metal genre. Songs like ‘Bestiality vs Integrity’, ‘Avatara’ and ‘Burden Of Divinity’ are more upbeat with the band themselves seemingly being released through more fluid guitar work and modern electronic sounds. Nil’s vocals seem to be the ideal medium between VOA’s old style and the new material as she is able to both handle delicate high notes as well as inject more power into her versatile voice that complements her male counterpart in Mario Plank superbly as on ‘Vicious Circle’. Just when it looked like the band might go the same way as their mythical namesake city, VOA’s appeal to the gods has granted them a miracle!

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