Visions Of Atlantis “Old Routes – New Waters”


Visions Of Atlantis “Old Routes – New Waters” EP (Napalm Records)

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Visions Of Atlantis are an Austrian symphonic metal band that have been going since the turn of the century, releasing a fair number of albums and enduring line up changes pretty much throughout their career. In 2013, the most radical shift took place with the entire band going their separate ways to pursue their own musical interests, leaving drummer Thomas Caser as the sole and only founding member! Not to be daunted, he simply brought back old veterans Chris Kamper, Werner Fiedler and Mike Koren – along with a new vocal duo in Dragony singer Siegfried Samer and French soprano chanteuse Clémentine Delauney!! In order to introduce and prove the new line up, Caser has issued this EP made up of re-recorded fan favorite tracks taken from the band’s first 3 albums, “Eternal Endless Infinity”, “Cast Away” and “Trinity”. Besides the new technology available, I have to say that Samer and Delauney really show their caliber in breathing new life into classics like ‘Lost’, ‘Winternight’ and ‘Last Shut Of Your Eyes’. Besides their obvious range, they add some real finesse and work off each other incredibly well, so its probably no coincidence how prominent their vocals are in the mix. While keeping to the band’s style, these new versions have now taken Jim Steinmann epic level proportions, almost befitting theatrical splendor with their energy and pure class. Almost at death’s door, Visions Of Atlantis have risen with an even stronger line up – possibly their best ever!

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