Visions Of Atlantis – “Wanderers”

Visions Of Atlantis – “Wanderers” (Napalm Records)

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Rising from the ashes with a new line up now cemented in the success of “The Deep & The Dark” in 2018 and its stupendous live follow up “The Deep & The Dark Live @ Symphonic Metal Nights” this year, “Wanderers” is now set to continue that breathtaking spectacle on the 11 magic tracks here. With the vocal duet of mezzo soprano singer Clémentine Delauney and Italian male lead Michele Guaitoli firmly established through touring, their stellar performance is reflected throughout this 7th album in symphonic bliss graced by melodic majesty. If you’ve not heard Visions Of Atlantis before, then prepare for deeply passionate songs that reach out to your heart backed by metallic fire tempered suavely by the ice of flowing orchestrals – an awesome experience of drama and moving emotion that will not leave you untouched. With a visual concept realised through a stunning photoshoot along the North Atlantic coast, it’s easy to see where the inspiration came from for songs like ‘Heroes Of The Dawn’, where deep rock riffs collide with stirring celtic pipes as Delauney and Guaitoli launch their irresistible vocals to immediately draw you in and hold you captivated as the heavenly sounds tantalise your emotions time and again. Touching onto pirate filmscore on ‘The Siren & The Sailor’ complete with plucked strings and piano, founder Thomas Caser’s double bass drumming and the slick but thick dirty riffs of Christian Douscha soon reminds us (thankfully) that its Visions Of Atlantis we’re listening too and when the plentiful pipes of Delauney and Guaitoli take an even more soulful level, the affect is nothing short of hypnotic! Closing with the more metallic but no less moving ‘At The End Of The World’ with its strong modern rock beat and utterly alluring chorus laced by tantalising synths, it’s pretty clear that Visions Of Atlantis have not just pulled themselves out’ve the abyss, but are on a rocket ride to higher levels than ever before – in short, resistance is futile!

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