VITAL BREATH ”Angels Of Light”

”Angels Of Light”
(Mighty Music)

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I like to think that I am open to new things but I have for a very long time been very anti the whole nu metal, metalcore, modern metal thingamajig. But I am slowly coming around to accepting it. It doesn’t have to be old school death or thrash all the time. France’s VITAL BREATH has the odd edge of mixing things like Alter Bridge with Disturbed with Alice In Chains and Dream Theater. Yeah I know, it sounds just as strange to me as it does to you. But like when you read the back of a dvd and the description doesn’t match the plot this doesn’t sound as off the top as the description would have you think. This is basically progressive with an edge. Once you’ve cleaned your head of all the preconceived ideas of what they’ll sound like and you get into the music you realize that this is not bad at all. And then they are French… Anders Ekdahl

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