VIVID REMORSE “Down To The Wire”

“Down To The Wire”
(Art Gates)
I really hope that this band will give me some very vivid memories after I’ve stopped listening to their album. With a name like Vivid Remorse I kinda hope for a real thrash about. It feels like that’s what is needed this time of the year when we approach the longest day of the year before it all turns around and we head for spring. From the word get go I got the impression that this was gonna be a thrash around worthy of Exodus debut album “Bonded By Blood”. I wasn’t too far off. This is thrash in that same vein. Since I love that Exodus album I’ll get excited by anything that slightly reminds me of it. This is perhaps a tad heavier than what Exodus ever been but it still thrashes with the best. That’s good enough for me. Anders Ekdahl

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