Battle Helm Rating

I am still amazed that there can be so many cool bands coming from Iceland. With a population around 300 000 people the country is no bigger than an average small European town, yet there is a black metal scene that is widely known worldwide. And not to forget Sugarcubes and Björk. No single artist has put a country on the music map like she has. VOFA is my latest Icelandic discovery. I don’t think I have heard an Icelandic funeral doom band. I know of plenty of black metal bands. And pop bands but no band as heavy as this. In my ears this is more death metal than any of my recent funeral doom endeavours. And while not being as melancholic as the previous ones there is still something to this that intrigues me to keep listening. It is with morbid fascination that I want to find out where this ends up. A cool record it is nonetheless. Anders Ekdahl

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