VOICE OF RUIN “Purge And Purify”

“Purge And Purify”
(Tenacity Music)

Battle Helm Rating

Okay. This is one of those bands that I have no bloody idea who they are and what they’ll sound like. But since I’ve taken upon myself to review this I’ll do so with a very open mind. You never know which release will turn out to be you fave for the week. There are some records you just want to label extreme metal simply because they are hard to pin to a certain genre. Vocally this is guttural death metal but musically it is borderline. I can’t decide if it is doomy enough to be doom or thrashy enough to be thrash or deadly enough to be death. The truth lies somewhere in between. This is an amalgamation of styles. But it works wonderfully. I find myself enjoying it more than I dissect it. Anders Ekdahl

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