VOICE “The Storm”

“The Storm”
(Massacre Records)

Battle Helm Rating

This is a band that I know of even though it was a longtime since I last made their acquaintance. Back in 1999 I was sent their second album. I cannot say that I remember what it sounds like today but I do remember receiving it. 14 year after their fourth album VOICE are back with a new album. I do remember that they were a German power metal band back then and that is still true today. But I have no idea how this new album compares to the previous 4. If I stretch my ears really long I can hear traces of Savatage in the sound of VOICE. It is in that region that they move. A bit dramatic power metal with melodies. I like what I hear. There is something that little bit extra about this album that makes me listen extra intensely. Anders Ekdahl

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