VOICELESS VOID “Songs Of Black Roses”

“Songs Of Black Roses”
OK so Russian goth metal might not sound like a nail biter exactly but leave all your prejudices behind you. The Soviet Union fell to pieces more than 20 years ago, the dullness of Communism is no longer hanging over the nation like a wet, bad smelling blanket and there are millions of young people growing up knowing nothing of Communism. Voiceless Void might not be a too familiar name for most people (you who read the interviews will be familiar with them) but that should be about to change now that you know of them. While not being totally goth metal there are those elements to this album but you’ll also find enough different styles incorporated into the mix to make this album interesting enough to stand out from all the other female fronted goth metal bands that explodes onto the scene. Anders Ekdahl

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