“Power Dive”
If you know me you know that I like female-fronted bands. Voices Of Destiny are a new hopeful band with an album out. Hopeful that they’ll have what it takes to stand out in an ever-increasing market. As if female-fronted bands is a genre all its own. To me what matters isn’t if there is a woman singing but if the music is any good. I don’t care if this is thought of to be the next Edenbridge or if it is supposed to compete with Nightwish. All I care about is if it is good. This whole beauty and beast dual vocal set-up is starting to feel old unless somebody comes up with something completely original. Voices Of Destiny might not reinvent the wheel, they might not even be that original but they should at least be credited for trying. This is not worse than any other sharing the same concept. If you like your goth metal mixed with the growling of death metal then you could do worse than “Power Dive”. Anders Ekdahl

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