VOID OF SLEEP “Tales Between Reality And Madness”

“Tales Between Reality And Madness”
(Aural Music)
I thought that I knew of VOID OF SLEEP prior to receiving this one but I guess I was wrong. Or was I? My collection is starting to grow so big that I tend to forget what bands I have or haven’t heard before. VOID OF SLEEP is one of these that are just a muddy memory to me. If you know your doom the Sleep part in the band name might hint at what style of metal this is, although VOID OF SLEEP are nowhere near as slow as Sleep. That this is doom there’s no doubt about. This is pretty classic doom following in the footsteps of Black Sabbath with an added touch of death doom. I’m a huge sucker for anything doom metal and this is just what the psychiatrist ordered to cure winter depression. This is heartwarming music to my ears. All doom buffs go out and buy this right away. Anders Ekdahl

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