Voidhanger – “Dark Days Of The Soul”

Voidhanger – “Dark Days Of The Soul” (Agonia Records) 

Battle Helm Rating

OMG, this is just f–king raging! If you want the musical equivalent to war, then this fearsome Polish power trio provide the goods on this incredible 3rd album. Bringing together an terrifiying mix of blackened death/thrash with punk d-beat, the 8 intense tracks on “Dark Days Of The Soul” resonate vicious aggression, utterly grim tones and most of all, heaps of black, decayed atmosphere. Despite being a three piece, Voidhanger put out a sound barrage that would put larger bands to shame, cranking up their dirty guitars, heavy bass and hammering drums to the max to deliver the darkness on this attention grabbing release. Besides their foreboding furor, what makes this stand out is the talent inherent in the composing and most of all, arrangements using rapid tempo changes, riffs with catchy hooks that could snare a whale and addictive d-beat rhythms that instantly possess you from start to finish on this incredible album. From ‘The Void Is Where the Heart Is’ with its raging chord changes and whirring riffola that just buzz saw into you blissfully along with black clanging melodies to ‘High On Hate’ with its monstrous crashing riffs and melodic lines backed by vicious d-beat noise, Warcrimer provides the appropriate vocal background from hoarse curses to death grunts and aggro roars – a veritable one man pit bull! Best of all was ‘Naprzód Donikąd!’ with its haunting tones and metallic clanging melodies starting off grimly enough before a brutal but catchy death / d-beat groove really rocketed this song into razor riffing frenzy that slammed over and over again into my senses. A fantastic release that didn’t hold back one iota!

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